In the past, majority of Markos production has been ordered by external companies, mainly from Germany, Netherlands and USA. Our own projects were limited to the production of small pleasure boats. Together with the development of the company's potential we are prepared to meet any challenge of the market and the customers. Introducing new technologies (RTM and vacuum infusion) and effectively using personnel experience and know-how, in a natural way we are lifting our position from the supplier of the customers to the standalone producer of the modern products, owning innovative solutions and designs.

Currently, our specialists are working on new constructions, especially in boats area. Designed and manufactured channel boat MK-625 gained great popularity at demanding Dutch market. In our designs we are combining new style with the proven construction functionality. We remain open for every cooperation proposal, in both: production of existing products and designing completely new projects. News from the Markos' offer can soon be found at fairs and exhibitions.